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Do you know how to add emotion into the faces of your Cartoon People?

Facial Expressions

The expression on a cartoon character’s face can tell a story within itself. Without the
character ever saying a word, you should be able to tell by the expression on his face how he is feeling. Is he glad, sad, mad, or does he display other emotions? How does the cartoonist “draw” emotions? The answer is: he draws emotions by the way he draws the eyebrows, eyes or mouth of the character.


Drawn below are four circles representing a face, two dots for eyes and a straight line to represent a non-expressive mouth. Without drawing anything else, these faces look

draw cartoon faces

But note what happens when I add different type eyebrows on each face. Does each face now express some different type of emotion to you? It is very evident that just the
eyebrows alone make a difference in the emotion the character is evoking.
Draw Cartoon faces
But wait, there is more.


When I added different shaped eyes to the circle above, the expression or the emotion of the character changed even more.
Draw Cartoon Faces


And lastly, by adding different styles of mouths, you can see how dramatically this changes the way the character looks and supposedly feels.
Draw Cartoon faces
I have drawn the following heads with different expressions on their faces. If you had to guess what emotion each of these faces emitted---- what would be your guess? These faces should be good reference material for you when you want your character to display certain emotions.

draw cartoons: emotions